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Tanya’s story

As a single mum with a nine-month-old baby, Tanya was dealing with trauma related to pregnancy and had just left an abusive relationship. 

17 Apr 2019

Tanya's Story

Without any family support, or a diagnosis for the mental health issues she knew were affecting her life, Tanya was exhausted and felt she was barely surviving. But then she was referred to our community mental health service in Ballarat.

“I was previously diagnosed with major depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety and complex trauma, but none of these labels seemed to capture the whole picture,” said Tanya. “I knew I needed to get the appropriate psychological intervention, for me, and also for my baby.”

Tanya saw a psychologist and then a psychiatrist, who officially diagnosed her with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and referred her to our community mental health service in Ballarat, where the team created a personalised therapy program comprising group therapy and individual counselling.

“In my individual sessions I work with my psychologist to customise the skills I’ve learned to suit my personal circumstances,” said Tanya. “It’s challenging, but after years of receiving unsuitable therapy and feeling that I had reached the lowest point in my life, I have finally turned the corner.

“When I experience setbacks, the team talks me through it and determines techniques I can use to better my circumstances. There will always be a need to practise and revise those skills, but I have them in my arsenal now. So, while I still have the same stressors in my life, I am able to cope better – I am a better mother to my son and I am following a path that I can be proud of.”