A reason to celebrate on Easter Sunday

In the Catholic tradition, Easter is a day of celebration and new life. Regional Director Mission Integration WA Professor Keith McNaught explains how the Christian belief can carry on in all of our lives

St John of God Health Care Easter 

22 March 2018

“For Christians, Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus which symbolises the promise of eternal life,” Keith says.

“This is very important in the Christian faith as it reminds us that amidst all the pain and suffering that we may experience, there is a hope and positivity to come.

“It is also about the victory of hope over despair and this is a particularly important message for those who are in hospital or have loved ones in hospital.”

Keith says remembering this Christian tradition and taking the time to celebrate all that you hold dear in your life is important on this day.

“It is very easy to get lost in the commercialism of Easter, with a mountain of Easter eggs consumed on the day and over the long weekend,” he says.

“While we often celebrate this day by sharing feasts with family and friends during this time, we can also take the moment to appreciate what the day represents to so many people.”

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