Pausing and reflecting on Good Friday

The Friday before Easter, known as Good Friday, is a time to pause, reflect and hold close those people and values that are important in our lives. Regional Director Mission Integration WA Professor Keith McNaught explains how this Christian tradition translates in our hospitals.

St John of God Health Care Easter 

22 March 2018

Keith says the lead up to Easter is a particularly important time in the Christian calendar, especially Good Friday.

“Christians believe Good Friday is a solemn event which marks the death of Jesus on the cross,” he said.

“Remembering the death of Jesus is rather like remembering the anniversary of a dear relative, where we pause, reflect, remember and hold close the most important parts of our lives.”

Keith says while Christians may mark this day through attending a service where they reflect on the last days of Jesus' life, this day can also be an opportunity for people of other faiths and those with no faith to pause and reflect.

“Everyone can understand and recognise how important it is to remember and acknowledge an anniversary as a way of showing respect and love,” he says.

“Just as we, as a Catholic healthcare organisation, host remembrance services throughout the year in our chapels to help families through their loss and grief when a relative has died in our hospitals, we also offer services over the Easter period in our hospital chapels for those who would like to take the time to reflect.”

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