St John of God Foundation

St John of God Foundation raises millions of dollars each year towards improving the health of the community.

Helping the community

We have raised more than $40 million towards revolutionary medical research, contemporary infrastructure and clinical equipment, and the delivery of critical social services.

Our initiatives

Your gift to the St John of God Foundation goes towards supporting a range of initiatives and ongoing projects to ensure our communities can continue to receive the best care.

Medical research

We believe that research is integral in providing patients with optimal care. Together with exceptional clinical care in contemporary facilities, we strive to remain at the cutting edge of technology and medical innovation.

Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Foundation raised $22 million to build and develop the Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Subiaco.

Support us

We rely on your generosity to enable us to provide optimal care for the community, through excellence in medical research, contemporary facilities and equipment, and critical social services.