Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can change the way you see yourself, your life and the world. 

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PTSD is a set of reactions that can occur after someone has been through one or more severe, traumatic events. It can be related to your own lived experience, witnessing an event or through exposure to an event experienced by those working in service related fields such as veterans or emergency services. 

People with PTSD report unwanted recollections of traumatic events in the form of distressing memories, flashbacks or nightmares that can lead to avoidance of potential reminders, negative changes to their thinking or mood, increased irritability, disturbed sleep and an inability to relax. 

Symptoms that are left untreated can last for years and can significantly contribute to a reduction in your quality of life by leading you to isolate from your social and support networks or refrain from activities you normally enjoy. 

When you need professional, compassionate care to help you overcome and recover from a trauma disorder St John of God Health Care has a number of options to suit your needs.

How can treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder help?

PTSD is completely treatable and people can usually make a full recovery with the right support. Effective treatments can include counselling, medication or a combination of both. 

Our evidence-based programs provide a personalised health care plan based on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Often PTSD can trigger other mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and substance abuse disorders so our programs will work to treat your mental health as a whole and help you return to your normal daily activities. 

You will have access to experienced caregivers such as psychiatrists, mental health nurses and allied health professionals to support you holistically in your treatment. We also encourage family and carers to be part of your support network, where appropriate, during your treatment and recovery. 

How to access trauma support?

You will need a referral from your general practitioner (GP) to access our support programs for trauma related disorders. You may find it a helpful first-step to discuss your feelings with your GP, which will also help them to make a better assessment of your needs. 

Our programs costs are covered by most private health insurers. Any excess and/or co-payment depends on your level of cover.

Programs provided by St John of God Mental Wellbeing Services are available free of charge with a GP referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan as part of our commitment as a not-for-profit organisation to improve community health and wellbeing.

Public hospital mental health care is available for eligible consumers free of charge through our State government funded facilities at St John of God Midland Public Hospital and older adult care at St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital.  

We can provide care through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Work Cover. We also welcome self-funded consumers.

Where do we offer trauma disorder treatment programs? 

St John of God Health Care offers a range of options suitable for the treatment of PTSD and trauma related disorders.
Explore the best location for you and your needs. 

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