Choosing your psychiatrist

Having a good relationship with your psychiatrist is key to your recovery.

When you seek mental health treatment at St John of God Health Care you can choose a psychiatrist who you are comfortable with and trust.

Your psychiatrist encourages you to talk openly about your mental health, personal life and private thoughts, to help you get better faster.

There are many reasons you may prefer to be treated by one doctor over another, including their experience, a specific area of expertise, or cultural background. You may have a preference to see a male or female doctor or a doctor who speaks a language other than English.

Your family member or friend may also recommend a psychiatrist to you based on their own experience.

Find a psychiatrist 

Use our Find a Specialist search to help you find a psychiatrist of your choice. Each doctor profile includes their photo, biography, speciality, experience, gender and additional languages spoken.

Browse our doctors below to find a mental health professional that suits your needs:

New South Wales


How do I get referred to my psychiatrist of choice?

 You will need a referral from your general practitioner (GP) to a specialist for treatment or to access one of our programs before you come to hospital.

When you speak to your GP, you can ask them for a referral to a particular specialist if you know which doctor you would like to see or you can ask your GP for a referral to a doctor who works at your preferred hospital. Alternatively you can request an open referral which does not name the psychiatrist but enables you to choose your doctor directly.

Please complete the form and we will contact you during regular office hours (9.00am to 5.00pm). If you require urgent help please call Lifeline: 13 11 14

If you do not receive a response to your enquiry within 24 hours please contact: [email protected]

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