St John of God Health Care Pays Increase to Registered Nurses and Midwives

St John of God Health Care has confirmed it will pay a three per cent increase to all registered nurses and midwives in Western Australia.

19 January 2023

The increase will be effective mid-January and paid in the first pay cycle in February.

The organisation entered into negotiations with the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) in late October 2022, but has decided to award the increase now, while negotiations for the full enterprise agreement continue, to ensure its registered nurses and midwives remain competitively remunerated relative to the market, following the recent announcement of Premier Mark McGowan of an increase for public sector nurses.

St John of God Health Care Acting Group CEO Bryan Pyne said the increase would mean St John of God Health Care nurses and midwives would continue to be paid (on average) more than their public sector counterparts, and would not be disadvantaged simply because of the timing of the EBA negotiations.

“Our nurses and midwives have done an incredible job over the past three years during COVID, and continue to work in challenging circumstances.

“We want to send a clear signal to our caregivers who provide outstanding care to our patients that this is recognised.”

Mr Pyne said an engaged and committed workforce that felt valued and respected would provide the best clinical care to patients and this philosophy underpinned awarding an administration payment early in 2023 and before the conclusion of negotiations. 

“We will always remunerate our people competitively with reference to the market and seek to provide attractive terms and conditions for all our caregivers. 

“While there are many factors and conditions that help provide a supportive workplace that allows people to flourish and develop their careers, this intent will guide our approach to remuneration.

“In the meantime, awarding the increase now demonstrates our ongoing commitment in a tangible and practical way.”  

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