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Paying your way to get back to playing sports

10 September 2021

Orthopaedics Your private health care
When you hit the sporting arena for competitive or social games the last thing on your mind is getting injured, but when you do it’s good to know what your options are to help you get back to doing what you love. Mr Robert Steele, Orthopaedic Surgeon, explains.

Sporting injuries can occur at any time, when you are at the top of your game or even when you are warming up or training.

Broken bones, torn ligaments, rolled ankles, or dislocated joints. They can all happen to you, to your partner or your kids, and you might need advice or care from an orthopaedic surgeon.

In urgent situations, you might need to go to an emergency department for care. Our private emergency departments offer you quick access to care and you can be easily referred on to an experienced specialist for an opinion and appropriate management to help you recover.

In less urgent situations, you can see an afterhours GP or your regular GP who can refer you to one of our specialists for a consultation to accurately diagnose and manage your injury.

These are great options if you have private hospital insurance.

But what if you don’t?

You can actually still access those same options, and get the benefits of being seen quickly by our experienced specialists if you choose to self-fund your care.

Self-funding your care essentially means that you pay directly for your specialist and hospital care. You may also be able to use a payment provider to help reduce the initial outlay.

If you are thinking about this option, check our handy guide, or simply speak to your specialist about their fees. You can also obtain a cost estimate from our hospital for your surgery or procedure.

For some, this might be a suitable option and help you avoid lengthy waits through the public hospital system for diagnosis and treatment.

And the best bit? You could be back out on the sporting arena in no time!

Mr Robert Steele - Orthopaedic Surgeon

Mr Robert Steele is an internationally trained orthopaedic surgeon who works at St John of God Berwick Hospital. He has sub-speciality areas of interest in hip and knee surgery and has completed fellowships in lower limb joint replacement surgery and sports surgery of the knee.