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Top tips to maintain good mental health over the holiday period

13 December 2021 Blog
Mental health
The holiday period can be a time of increased stress and feelings of vulnerability. Seeing other people enjoying themselves can make us feel a little low. Our Allied Health Manager Melanie Yates gives her top five tips to maintaining good mental health during the holidays.

1. Plan ahead to prevent disappointment during the festive season

Take control and plan ahead.

Don’t wait for an invite, leaving you alone and isolated on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

There are things to do and ways that you can engage in festivities on your own or with others, and perhaps developing new relationships in the process.

Read your local community paper or go online to see what’s on. Don't be frightened to try something different.

2. Giving can sometimes give yourself meaning

When you aren't focused on negative aspects of your life, you are taking care of yourself.

It’s the season for giving, and being of service is always a morale booster.

Helping others gets you out of your own head, gives you something to do, and makes you have a purpose and meaning.

Sometimes we need to listen to others and hear their story. This can help you put things in perspective.

3. Use what works for you

Reflect on what works for you to cope with stress and focus on making these healthy habits routine so that you can continue to grow over the coming year.

Remember to use strategies that can reduce feelings of loneliness, sadness or anxiety.

4. Keep your established healthy habits during the festive season

The festive season can have such an abundance of unhealthy food and drink, we may forget to stick to what works for our bodies.

By all means, have a treat or two from the holiday table, but include nourishing, whole-food meals to keep you healthy and energised the rest of the season.

Good health starts with good diet.

5. Mix with others and seek help

The holidays can be a period of increased vulnerability towards depression, anxiety, and increased substance use. Identify your support network and mental health plan ahead of time to ensure you have the support you need.

St John of God Burwood and Richmond hospitals operate a full therapeutic inpatient program over the holiday period.

Our full inpatient programs running over the holiday period includes:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Wellness and wisemind
  • Trauma

Find out more about these services at Burwood and Richmond.

St John of God Burwood Hospital Allied Health Manager Mel Yates
Melanie Yates - Allied Health Manager

Mel is a clinician with significant expertise in trauma and mental health.

Mel commenced at St John of God Burwood Hospital seven years ago and has been an instrumental part of the Burwood Adult Trauma team for numerous years. Mel is now in the role of Allied Health Manager.