Family receives the best possible care

Mother-of-three Heidi Boyd was impressed and reassured by the exceptional level of care she received through the birth of her daughters.

Heidi Boyd

Heidi suffers from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), a pregnancy condition that is characterised by severe nausea, vomiting and dehydration.

The symptoms are considered to be significantly more severe than morning sickness. HG can leave women feeling exhausted, stressed, depressed and unable to enjoy their pregnancy – so having a supportive network of people is crucial.

“We decided to have Remi at St John of God Geelong Hospital because of our previous positive experiences with the birth of our two older daughters, Winter and Aliera,” she said.

“I was in need of a little extra support with managing my HG condition, so having direct access to the amazing midwives, nurses and our Obstetrician was very reassuring and comforting. The care provided to me throughout the entire process was excellent.

“Up until today, I had no idea that St John of God Geelong Hospital was a not-for-profit hospital. But it all makes sense now, it’s obvious that exceptional service and quality facilities are of high priority to the hospital.”

Our maternity care

St John of God Geelong Hospital promotes the little things they offer to help mums through their maternity journey. Little things lsuch as your choice of doctor, pre and post-natal education, and allowing partners to stay overnight on maternity wards.

Midwife Dianne Richards said enabling families to bond in their first few hours and days of being together was a key offering at the hospital.

“Our maternity ward enables these precious hours, days and nights to be shared not only between mum and bub, but with their partner too,” she said.

“We welcome partners staying in our maternity unit and taking the time to bond with and focus their attention on their new baby – with support readily on hand if needed.”

Caring for the entire family

Heidi felt that the high level of care she received also extended to her husband, Mat and her two daughters, whenever they were in the hospital.

“My family and I were completely spoilt with care," she said.

“From the ladies who cleaned my room, to the lady who took my meal order, everyone was always friendly and happy. Even the lady in the cafeteria greeted Mat every morning by name. We couldn’t believe she remembered us, but she did.

“Both Mat and I felt extremely well cared for – my obstetrician always took the time to listen to us and answered our questions honestly. We never left an appointment wondering, and if we did, we were able to call her or her lovely team at any time.”

Support from St John of God Foundation

Through the generous support of the community, the St John of God Foundation raises funds for medical research, clinical equipment and state-of-the-art facilities.

“Donations and surplus funds are very well invested in the hospital – and as a patient, I have experienced first-hand the positive difference it makes,” Heidi said.

“We will be forever grateful for the amazing care provided to us and for the team that brought our babies into the world – we just knew that we were receiving the best possible care.”