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Unveiling of new St John of God Berwick Hospital

We are excited to announce the opening of the new St John of God Berwick Hospital, following this holiday season. Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to offer new and improved treatments locally.

30 Oct 2017


30 October 2017 

The most recent capital campaign by St John of God Foundation, which raises money to support the communities served by St John of God Health Care, to help build the new St John of God Berwick Hospital has received overwhelming support from the local Berwick community.

To date, St John of God Foundation has received $1.5 million in donations and almost $2.8 million in pledges towards comprehensive cancer and cardiac care services at the new hospital.

These services will increase capacity, technology and facilities exposing the community to the very best healthcare technology to ensure we offer the best means of managing disease and illness. It will also enable us to attract a broad range of new medical specialists and significantly increase employment opportunities for a range of nursing, allied health and support staff.

St John of God Berwick Hospital Chief Executive Officer Lisa Norman said thanks to this investment the hospital is able to invest in significant advances allowing the hospital to provide a range of treatment options for patients locally.

“It is pivotal that we make the best cancer and cardiac treatment available to enable us to minimise disease progression and improve the quality of life of our patients," she said.

“Our generous community have helped to enable us to build the new hospital and offer treatment for these diseases at a new level."

While doors open on 18 January 2018 to commence care for patients, the new St John of God Berwick Hospital is set to hold its first public unveiling on Sunday 7 January 2018. It will consist of a community walk, food, entertainment and a sneak peak inside the new hospital on Kangan Drive.

Participants will meet at Gibb Street and commence a commemorative walk to the new hospital at Kangan Drive, which will symbolically represent the relocation of our people, history and services. Once at Kangan Drive, guests are invited to join in our Community Open Day.

We encourage everyone to join us in the walk, particularly those who have had a connection to our Gibb Street hospital over the years.

“Specialised cancer and cardiac services at the new hospital will mean our community will have access to new services that will assist us to increase the life expectancy and quality of life of many community member living with these diseases. We invite you to join us at the open day to celebrate this exciting moment in the history and future of healthcare in our region,” Lisa said.

You can register for the walk, or donate here.