St John of God Foundation Strategic Review

Our purpose is to support St John of God Health Care deliver on its Mission through the raising of funds that have real impact and deliver better outcomes in the communities we serve.

Bunbury Caregivers

For over 20 years, generous donors have enabled the Foundation to provide much needed funds towards revolutionary health and medical research, contemporary hospital infrastructure, clinical equipment and the delivery of community services.

In May 2017, St John of God Health Care embarked on an external Strategic Review of its Foundation. The goal was to define an optimal future state for the Foundation, including purpose, goals, and targets; a new operating model, and; a refined scope of fundraising activities. The review findings were endorsed by the St John of God Foundation Board in 2017.

The three key focus areas for the Foundation in 2018 and beyond are; increasing community impact, delivering meaningful donor experiences, and building a culture of philanthropy.

Increasing community impact

St John of God Foundation supports St John of God Health Care in delivering on its Mission through raising funds that have real impact and deliver better outcomes in the community. We do this by generating community support and raising funds for health and medical research, major capital developments and social outreach programs.

We'll be undertaking brand research in 2018 to help us understand what is most important to our current and future donors, where we have a competitive advantage and where donors would most like to see the funds go.

To us, increasing community impact means to raise more funds, so that our colleagues undertaking research, providing patient care and delivering social outreach programs can help more people in our communities.

Working in close collaboration with St John of God Health Care, we've set a bold target of quadrupling funds raised by the Foundation by 2023, and we will deliver this through a focused effort on capital campaigns, major gifts and bequests.

Delivering meaningful donor experiences

The Foundation has been very fortunate to have the ongoing support of a number of loyal and generous donors. We will continue to acknowledge our donors and offer experiences for them to see how their contribution makes a difference to the lives of so many.

In addition, as part of the Strategic Review, we identified an opportunity to connect with patients and their families, and let them know more about the great work being done by St John of God Health Care. We recently launched the 'Patient Opt-Out' Pilot Program at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, which aims to connect patients with community initiatives that they can support.

Through a broader roll out of this initiative, we hope to grow our active donor database from 2,000 to 15,000 supporters by 2023.

Building a culture of philanthropy

Our vision is to build a culture of philanthropy within St John of God Health Care.

Our small team of five Foundation Caregivers have big plans for the future, but with your support, we become a 13,000-strong army of advocates!

There are many ways you can help, such as:

  • referring public donations to the Foundation - the funds will go to your Division (or as requested by the donor) - but it allows us to appropriately acknowledge the donor and continue a relationship well into the future
  • letting us know your heart-warming patient stories - patient stories are a great way for us to communicate to the general public the life-changing impact that SJG Health Care caregivers have. With their consent, your patient might be the face our next media story, video or campaign, and inspire others to give back to their local community
  • become a community impact ambassador - accompanying Foundation staff to meet or host current or existing donors to discuss the impact of your programs in approved areas of funding need
  • donating through our staff giving program. Your small change can make a big difference.

Our vision is to build deep partnerships with all hospitals, starting in 2018 with Murdoch, Subiaco and Geelong (followed by all Divisions from 2019 onwards).

The creation of an on-site Foundation Liaison between hospitals and the Foundation will help to build strong partnerships and capacity to scale to full fundraising support to all Divisions over time.

To find out more about the above initiatives and more, please refer to our Strategic Review Caregiver Overview.