Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan provides the framework to improve our ability to include and respond to the needs of people with disability, whether they are caregivers (employees), patients, clients, volunteers or the general public.

Two caregiver working hard on the wards

Through our plan, we also hope to strengthen awareness about disability and disability-related issues in our organisation.

The three main objectives of our plan are to:

  1. continue enhancing disability awareness across our services and ensure our culture is inclusive and mindful
  2. ensure our services are accessible to patients, clients, visitors, caregivers and volunteers with a disability
  3. increase employment opportunities for people with disability and make St John of God Health Care a recognised employer of choice for people with disability.

Our plan is registered with the Australian Human Rights Commission

Why have a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan?

As a ministry of the Catholic Church, we are committed to providing inclusive and respectful physical and psychological environments, equitable access to our facilities and services and just approaches to employment.

Our plan helps us identify areas for improvement and is one of the important steps we take to encourage a culture of inclusiveness and respect.

Improvements to the accessibility and appropriateness of our services benefits everyone.

Download our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan.