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MURTEC Training Centre

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murtec demoMURTEC is a high tech clinical learning environment with a state of the art simulation centre enabling simulation of critical care scenarios, and an integrated audio visual system for recording and live streaming to assist with education, training and video conferencing.

MURTEC was constructed through a grant of $2.6m provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing: Innovative murtec demo 2Clinical Teaching and Training Grants (ICTTG) Program.

The purchase of a range of midwifery, paediatric, critical care and murtec interiorgeneral nursing equipment, as well as key simulation equipment was made possible through grants totalling more than $220,000 from Health Workforce Australia.

The facility features a family of mannequins which can simulate a murtce demo 3wide range of scenarios to which students and caregivers must murtec demo wardrespond as if they would in a live situation.

  • SimMan 3G can blink, dilate pupils, breathe, cry, sweat, leak cerebrospinal fluid and talk. He also has the capability to correctly physiologically respond to certain medications that are administered during a scenario

  • SimMan 3G Essential is a high capability mannequin, but a slightly less advanced version of SimMan 3G. He can blink, breathe, talk, recreate many physiological states and have numerous procedures performed on him, such as intubation and intercostal catheter insertion.

  • SimBaby assists individuals and teams to manage neonatal medical emergencies including seizures management, respiratory distress and a life threatening cardiac event

  • SimJunior simulator can recreate airway, breathing and circulatory states of the paediatric patient. Other training options include intraosseous IV access, CPR and seizures training amongst many other options.

  • Midwifery mannequin can be used to recreate many birthing scenarios including shoulder dystocia and post-partum haemorrhage.


  • Part task trainers include, but are not limited to, intravenous access arms, male and female urinary catheterisation trainers, child birth trainers, airway management models, resuscitation mannequins and intraosseous IV access models.

Students and caregivers will be expected to treat the mannequins as they would any patient and in accordance with St John of God Health Care’s Mission and Values. The goal for immersive simulation is to improve communication and performance within the team while improving interactions with patients.


Dept Health ageingThe MURTEC was constructed through a grant of $2.6m provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing: Innovative Clinical Teaching and Training Grants (ICTTG) Program.

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This project was possible due to funding made available by Health Workforce Australia.

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