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Inpatient programs

Rowena allied healthOur inpatient programs provide the highest and most comprehensive standard of treatment and care for people suffering from psychiatric disorders. The hospital adopts a team approach involving the cooperation of psychologists, general and psychiatric nurses, and other allied health professionals such as an art therapist, divisional therapist and physiotherapist - all working to return patients as quickly as possible to a rewarding and active role in their community.


The hospital is committed to assisting people with a mental illness by:

  • Working cooperatively with a patient in planning treatment and follow up
  • Empowering patients to develop the capacities and strengths needed to live more fully and independently
  • Approaching the work of recovery holistically by engaging and supporting a patient's physical, mental and emotional well being

Each patient is assessed for their suitability to a group program using a multidisciplinary approach through communication with the patient’s psychiatrist and various Allied Health staff.  The work/skills covered in these programs enables patients to explore in more depth the challenges and difficulties that arise as recovery moves forward. Relaxation, exercise and stress management are also offered as an adjunct to the daily treatment program.