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Our structure

St John of God Health Care Inc is a controlled entity of St John of God Australia Ltd, a civil and canon law entity established in 2004 to sponsor the ministry that until then was run solely by the Sisters of St John of God. The Sisters remain members of St John of God Australia Ltd and share sponsorship of the ministry with nine of the Dioceses in which we operate as well as the Hospitaller Order of St John of God. This collaboration establishes a structure ensuring sound and continuing governance and stewardship.

The eight non-executive Trustees of St John of God Health Care appoint members of the Board with a wide variety of backgrounds who are able to provide direction and guidance to the Group Management Committee, which oversees the group's performance in our five key result areas:

  1. Culture
  2. Excellence in care
  3. Excellence in governance and management of resources
  4. Formation, education and leadership
  5. Social justice

In New Zealand we operate through the St John of God Hauora Trust, which is accountable, via its own Governing Board and Chief Executive Officer, for the day to day governance and management of the New Zealand services.

For more information about St John of God Health Care organisational structure please contact
Tel: (08) 9213 3636
Email: info@sjog.org.au